Searching back in time for modern ideas we created this alternative style of Moschofilero fermented entirely with naturally occurring yeast with minimum intervention afterwards

Moschofilero as our fathers and grandfathers remember it, skin contact, spontaneous fermentation, unfined and unfiltered with minimum sulfites.

Hoof & Lur is Troupis’ winery homage to the wines native to high plateau of Mantinia for millennia.

Floral with powdered sugar and blood orange that entice on the nose. Citrus notes and fresh acidity add vibrancy to the palate.

Type: Rosé Dry Wine
Region: Mantinia
Grape Varieties: Moschofilero 100%
Vineyard’s location: Litharakia /Mantineia
Altitude: 640m
Quality classification: P.G.I. Arcadia

Served with

“Hoof & Lur” is an excellent accompaniment to dishes based on Mediterranean dishes and seafood. Explore its intricate character at 12oC

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