The area

Agia Foteini (St. Foteini)

The “Agia Foteini” building complex is owned by the “Association of Mantinea” which in 1966 decided to build a church inside the walls of the ancient town, on a privately owned stretch of land.

The church has three chancels. The middle chancel is venerated in the name of St. Foteini, the northern one in the name of Cosmas of Aetolia and the southern one in the name of St. Philip the Apostle with the addition of the icon of St. George.

The church does not belong to a specific architectural style. The designer’s objective was for the stone building to gradually emerge as a living being expressing the eternal presence of the Lord and the continuous ascent of the believer, where each ascending step corresponds to a virtue – based on the writings of St. John Climacus of the Holy Monastery of Sinai.

Kapsia Cave

Kapsia Cave is one of the 10 most significant caves in Greece and ranks among the 100 caves in the country which have been deemed suitable for exploitation (out of the 7,500 in total). It is situated 1.5 km north of the village Kapsia and belongs to the complex system of natural sinks in the plateau of Mantinea. The explored part of the cave covers an area of about 6,500 m2.

In the hall of “miracles” you can see the rarest stone hues found in any known cave in Greece. Fire red, yellow ochre and blue-green combined with the pure white of the stalactites offer a unique spectacle of natural art.

Mainalon Ski Centre

With Ostrakina at 1,981m, the highest mountain, the Mainalon mountain range overlooks the whole Peloponnesian peninsula as it dominates its very centre. Myths and legends connect it to god Panas, it occupies a large part of the prefecture of Arcadia and reserves majestic views to any visitor.

The Ostrakina Ski Centre has excellent ski slopes, a modern chalet, a guest house, a community hall and three ski lifts. There are four slopes available for avid skiers. Trainers will see to their equipment since skiers can rent all equipment in order to enjoy skiing.

The ski centre is located on the boundary of the municipality of Tripoli and it is 12km away from Kapsia, 16km from Levidi, 12km from Vytina and 30km from Dimitsana while it is the closest ski centre to Athens.

On the road of Democracy, tradition and art

Levidi is incorporated in the municipality of Tripoli. It appears unexpectedly around a beautiful bend on the road from Tripoli to Olympia. It is a special village, with a great history. It is the birthplace of the father of the Republic, the great Alexander Papanastasiou.

Levidi has kept its traditional character intact. Visitors come all year round to enjoy every aspect of the beautiful landscape. The endless woods and many paths surrounding Levidi lead to small villages and hidden natural beauty. Shops with traditional products, fabulous restaurants and guest houses add to the welcoming nature of the region.


A dream journey in the footsteps of Ηeroes

This is a fantastic route, following 14 wonderful kilometres, surrounded by nature, one enters the territory of Falanthos. All the villages are exceptionally preserved in architectural terms. Stone houses, fountains and of course a historical tree in every square, it is a meeting point for locals and visitors alike. Nature embraces all these villages, streams, rivers, old mills, perennial trees, all create landscapes of incredible beauty whatever the season.

In Falanthos, just seven kilometres from Arkoudorema lies the unique Libovisi, the village which is the birthplace of Kolokotronis. The restored family home of “the Old Man of Moria” and the church of St. John with its long history, are pilgrimage sites for a large number of visitors. In the cool square, is a recreation area, operating since 2006, which supplies local, fresh products to visitors.


One of the most beautiful family destinations in Peloponnese. It has a wonderful climate and it is a very easy town to explore. Start out from the central square enjoying a cup of coffee in the shade. Visit the church of Ag. Tryfonas, built in 1846, and taste delicious cheese pies for your children’s snack from the traditional bakery below the square. Walk through the picturesque grove in Vytina and let you children play free.

Vytina is 48km away from Tripoli. Tripoli is 165km away from Athens.
There are a lot of 3-4 star hotels, villas, luxurious accommodation and looms to let. Taverns and restaurants with good quality local food are plenty.

The Municipal Library of Dimitsana

Dimitsana! The wonderful, historical town on the Valley of Loussios River. The town evolved into a remarkable commercial centre of Arcadia after the 10th century AD. Its peak starts after 1600, when the renowned faculty of the adjacent Holy Monastery of the Philosopher – Moni Filosofou – was transferred from the monastery to the town and became a Faculty of Greek Literature.

Pay a visit at the renowned library which is part of the school. Accommodate yourselves at one of the old mansions that today are transformed into guest houses and relish the atmosphere of a truly majestic old town.

Menalon Trail, the 75km long hiking trail, crossing through the villages of Stemnitsa, Dimitsana, Zygovisti, Elati, Vytina, Nymphasia, Magouliana, Valtesiniko and Laggadia, is particularly interesting. It is the first certified hiking trail in Greece with 8 sections to choose from.

Dimitsana is accessible by car following the main road Vytina-Megalopoli. It is 19km away from Vytina and 66km from Tripoli (through Vytina).

Friendly guest houses, small hotels and villas expect visitors in Dimitsana. There is a wide variety of taverns and grill houses scattered around the village.