Troupis winery is situated in the center of the Mantinea Plateau in the Fteri region, the heart of the homonymous wine-growing zone, at an altitude of approximately 700 m.


The family has been involved in viticulture since the 1970s, when they used to make their own wine for the year and sell the remaining grapes.

The winery’s history began in 2010, when the family decided to invest in their privately owned vineyards of a total area of 7 hectares.

Since then the winery has developed in terms of its facilities, equipment and personnel, resulting in the production of fine quality wines and the provision of quality services to its clients.


Great emphasis is given to innovative winemaking techniques and experimental microvinifications of other Greek varieties as well as forgotten Mantinea varieties, such as the Kolliniatiko. Moreover, new experimental moschofilero plantations are set up with different rootstocks.

The soil, climate, gentle environmental management and low yields per hectare offer the gifted Moschofilero all the elements which make a quality PDO Mantinea wine.

The family’s ongoing investments not only in cultivation infrastructure (vineyards, cultivation equipment) but also in winemaking infrastructure (new production areas, large capacity cold stores, bottling equipment etc.), ensure quality, authenticity, consistency and a sound future for our wines.


With a view to achieving self-sufficiency in production, Troupis winery steadily increases its privately owned vineyards by investing in new plantings on a yearly basis.

The main variety planted is Moschofilero. However, the winery recently completed the planting of 1 hectare of Asyrtiko – perhaps the sole planting in Mantinea- with very good organoleptic characteristics.

The vineyards are situated in the heart of Mantinea at an altitude of 650 m in the Fteri region, in areas Litharakia, Katarrachia, Belberi.

The special microclimate of the Mantinea wineland differentiates the variety’s characteristics when compared to the remaining Peloponnese, making Moschofilero unique. Here, this gris variety unfolds in all its rich characteristics, giving us wonderful wines.