Route 111 is an old country road connecting the regions of Nemea and Aigialeia where the two most prominent red varieties of Peloponnese are cultivated.

Nemea with Agiorgitiko and Aigialeia with Mavrodaphne … we “followed” Route 111 to create a complex red wine that accentuates their strong temperament.

Type: Dry Red Wine
Region: Aigialeia / Nemea
Grape Varieties: Mavrodaphne 50 % – Agiorgitiko 50 %
Vineyard’s location: Slopes of Aigialeia / Hills surrounding Nemea
Altitude: 640m
Quality classification: P.G.I. PELOPONNESE

Served with

An excellent accompaniment with steaks, meaty casseroles and hard or semi-hard cheeses. Please decant it half an hour before serving. Enjoyed at 16 °C.

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