Pitys was the only Oread nymph who accepted the love of the satyr Pan, but Voreas, his rival, threw her off a cliff and killed her. Earth felt sorry for Pan and transformed her into a pine tree.
We could scarcely conjure a more appropriate myth for this traditional “Ritinitis,” or under its more common name “Retsina” wine.

Pine resin addition goes a long way back in Greece as it was used to protect the wines from oxidation during antiquity. Honoring that tradition, we vinify with minimum intervention the most prominent Greek variety, Assyrtiko, following a 35-century old tradition in Greek wine.

Apricot, blossoms a slight smell of tangerine coexist on equal terms with herbal and masticha notes. Slightly acidic flavor with a frankincense aftertaste.

Type: Dry white Wine
Region: Mantinia
Grape Varieties: Assyrtiko 100%
Vineyard’s location: Katarrachia /Mantineia
Altitude: 640m

Served with

Accompanies harmonically grilled fish and fried seafood, grilled vegetables, spicy Asian cuisine dishes and traditional Greek food.

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